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Readers Choice Award

Readers Choice Award

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Testimonials A

Adel and Magda

We extend our appreciation for the excellent work regarding the renovation of our kitchen. We set out below our comments which you may use as you wish.

We wanted to renovate our kitchen at our penthouse overlooking lake Ontario in downtown Toronto. Our objective was to open up the kitchen to link with the dinning room, and replace the floor, the cabinets and the appliances.  We contracted the project to Premier Quality Renovations after extensive shopping around and preparation of a design we believed will achieve our objective.

We are extremely happy to state that Peter Glaw has exceeded our expectations.  As president of Premier, he provided an outstanding professional service and team of subcontractors; including construction, cabinetry, carpentry, pluming, electrical.  All these were of the best quality with keen regard to detail. The efficiency with which the project was completed is admirable. What we also valued is the pleasant personality of all involved, and the prompt communication and problem solving.  

We highly recommend Premier and wish them continued success.

Amer and Farah

This was our second time engaging Premier Quality Renovations to renovate our condo. Our first round of renovations in our condo was back in 2006. In the spring of 2011, we decided to renovate our master bathroom and kitchen.  We really appreciated having Peter Glaw to work with. He was very responsive to any questions we had and was great at helping to coordinate the different trades that were needed to complete our job.  Peter was very knowledgeable, organized, resourceful and experienced.  His subcontractor Adrian was very skilled in the laying of all of the tiling in the kitchen and bathroom and Mario was a very experienced plumber.  Everyone was hard working and took pride in the wonderful work they were doing. We are very much enjoying our new kitchen and bathroom and appreciate the work that Peter and his team completed for us.

Amish and Gail

Peter and his team recently finished a major renovation to our home. This work included two new bathrooms, moving an entire wall, new flooring, painting, plumbing and electrical work.  Throughout our renovation we felt that we were a part of the team.  Our thoughts and opinions were valued, listened to, and respected.  We felt that Peter and his team (especially Adrian) took the time to explain what was going on.  We were given options along with honest advice.  It was soon clear to us that they were striving for excellent quality workmanship.  We never felt that our job was being rushed or compromised in any way.  We have no hesitation in recommending Premier Quality Renovations.



Andrew and Olga

Angela and Brenda

Thanks so much for all your hard work and suggestions along the way. A big thanks to your staff who are so pleasant and friendly. The whole experience was exciting and ended with fantastic results, we are very happy. I will send you more pics very soon of the completed renos but we won't have much furniture for a while. Thanks again Peter, you are a professional and a perfectionist which are traits that all contractors should have!

Angelo and Joyella

Here we are in the Upper Beaches of Toronto. It took the owner $40,000 to completely renovate and finish this basement apartment from scratch. This will now allow the owner to attract a different tenant profile who will pay a premium of $1200 / month of rent for this 1 bedroom suite. In this video you will see the quality finishes used and some of the important factors considered in order to get the higher rent. For example, private ensuite laundry, granite counter tops, electric fireplace, high ceilings, good size bedroom, and open concept layout. The bathroom and kitchen are both very modernized. This renovation is an excellent model to follow if you were to create a quality basement apartment for rent. The General Contractor, Peter Glaw, is interviewed in this video and walks us through the apartment. He explains some of the challenges that were faced, but more importantly how they stayed on budget and on time! After renting the main floor for $2300 and the Basement for $1200, the owner will be cash flowing $700-$800 per month after all expenses!




The renovation of a small galley condo kitchen has its challenges, especially limitations as to space and configuration. Working with Peter, we achieved an updated, more open-concept kitchen, with better sightlines into the dining area. Peter offered wonderful advice as to fixtures, granite and tile surfaces, and colours, which created a greater sense of spaciousness in a confined area. Working within a condo environment with its many rules and regulations can frustrate contractors. Peter's experience with working in condos paid dividends, with nary a complaint from neighbours and condo staff. He was excellent at communicating progress and asking questions while I was out-of-town during the initial stages. His contract for services was detailed and closely adhererd to. His team of tradesmen was exemplary, with excellent skills and workmanship. I look forward to contracting with Peter for future projects in my condo.


Ashvin and Jennifer


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